Your wedding is an important event in your lives. When you ask for the blessing of the Church, your wedding becomes an important event in our lives as well.

Under no circumstances should a couple announce a date or print invitations or otherwise encumber themselves with any other wedding plans until approval is given by the Rector of Christ Church for a date and time for the wedding.

There are various members of the congregation and staff who will be involved in the wedding celebration. We are here to assist you in your preparations and hope that you will feel free to call on us. In return, we expect our volunteers and staff to be treated with respect and courtesy, keeping in mind that we are not infinitely flexible and have rules for a reason. It is our intention that the booklet below will help answer most of your questions. Please read this document carefully and present any further questions to the priest at your first meeting.

Marriage Policies document

Some of the people you will be in contact with are:

Rector – The Rev. D. Seth Donald

Associate Rector – The Rev. Guimond Pierre Louis

Parish Administrator – Mary Anne Reidy


For the General Information form contact the church office,
please call the church office at 985-892-3177, Mon-Fri 8am-4pm.