Memorial Garden

The Memorial Garden of Christ Episcopal Church is located adjacent to the Chapel. It is designed in response to the wishes of many members of this parish family to have their mortal remains at their death interred in an appropriate and dignified resting place.

For baptized persons, the consecrated grounds of the Church is the most fitting place for burial; and cremation, which makes this possible, is fully in accord with the teaching of our Church and is an increasingly widespread custom.

In order to maintain the Memorial Garden appropriately and in accordance with the trust expressed by those who have chosen to make use of it, the following policies have been established. 


1. The Vestry of Christ Episcopal Church shall appoint a Memorial Garden Committee, of which the Rector shall appoint a Chairman, whose function will be to interpret and enforce the policies of the Memorial Garden, and to provide for its maintenance and continuing upkeep with funding provided by usage fees deposited in an escrow account upon which the Vestry will draw as deemed appropriate.

2. The Memorial Garden may be used to receive the cremated remains of members of this Congregation, or relatives of members of this Congregation.

3. Cremated remains may be buried directly in the ground without a container or reverently scattered within the perimeter of the garden.

4. There is a fee for usage of the Memorial Garden per interment, which fee is to be used to provide for perpetual care of the Garden, and to place the name of the deceased on the Garden Wall. It will be within the sole discretion of the Rector to waive this fee.

5. The memorial plaques to be placed upon the Garden Wall will be purchased by the Committee and will remain the property of Christ Church. The individual plaques will be of uniform design and size, and the inscription will be limited to the name of the deceased, the year of birth and the year of death.

6. This policy is to be reviewed annually by the Vestry of Christ Church and amended as necessary.

If you would like more information about interment in the Memorial Garden or an application for interment, please contact