How to Become an Episcopalian and/or a Member of Christ Church

† If you are a confirmed Episcopalian, have been a member of another Episcopal church, and wish to join this parish, you may contact the church office and ask us to request a letter of transfer from your former church.

† If you are a member of another Christian tradition, you must provide some proof or testimony of your baptism (which makes you a “baptized member” of the Episcopal Church). Then, after preparation by attending our Inquirer’s classes, you re-affirm your faith and are welcomed as a “confirmed member” of the Episcopal Church by our Bishop. You may also call 985-892-3177 (office hours are 9am-2pm, M-F) or e-mail one of the parish clergy.

Separate classes are scheduled for adults and teenagers beginning in August
before the Bishop’s Visitation on October 6, 2023.

† If you are not baptized, Christ Church will prepare you for the sacrament of baptism. For more information, e-mail or call the church office at 985-892-3177 or

† Youth Confirmation classes will be on Sunday mornings after church. To learn more, e-mail or call 985-892-3177 or

† To be an active member of Christ Church, whether or not you are a confirmed Episcopalian, you must be regular in worship, participate in the life and ministry of the parish, and be willing to share in the financial support of the parish.

Anyone may participate in any of the programs, ministries, service, worship, classes, and other activities. However, to serve on the Vestry, which is the lay governing body of the church, only active, confirmed Episcopalians may be elected to this body. If you have any questions, please call the parish office at 985-892-3177.