The Fellowship groups have been in a Covid hiatus and new information will be coming out this fall. However, below are some ways we have done fellowship in the past.

Christ Church Connections are a way to provide opportunities to meet and form friendships with other parishioners. These groups were initially formed by neighborhood, but in this day of fast paced activities, all are encouraged to attend any of the gatherings that fits their schedule. Some people choose to attend more than one Connections group and this is always encouraged. In our present world, electronic devices such as cell phones, email, Facebook and Twitter can help us maintain closer contacts. However, nothing beats time shared with others face to face.

These groups help to introduce newcomers to other members of the congregation that might live nearby. They also provide a resource for all members in times of loneliness, stress, or crisis.

Each group has leaders who provide communication between the circle members and with Christ Church. Each circle is an independent unit and operates as agreed by its members. As gatherings are held, frequency and style of meeting is optional for members of the group. These groups always provide up to date information in the Sunday bulletins, Illuminare, and weekly email blasts. Check these communications for scheduled events.

Go on And Live (GALs) is a gathering of individuals who have lost their spouse and enjoy the friendship and support of others learning to live in this new reality.  Periodically we gather for lunch and conversation. Contact The Reverend Morgan MacIntire for more information: or 985-892-3177.

Fellowship groups are often formational too, so be sure to check out Christian Formation, Christian Stewardship and Lay Ministries in case one of those groups is what you are looking for. Children and Youth fellowship opportunities are listed under Children & Youth