Godly Play at Christ Episcopal Church

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Godly Play Starts Fall  2023 on September 10th

The quality of children’s spirituality and its formation is key to their success. The goal is for children to enter adolescence with an inner-working model of the Christian language system that will continue to be of use as a means of maturing spiritually for a lifetime.

Each Sunday at 9:45am we gather for Godly Play for ages 3-2nd grade, for traditional Godly Play sessions and for grades 3rd-5th for Hybrid Godly Play, with Community Wondering Projects that are catered to older children who are advanced on the Godly Play curriculum.

All are welcome to join us! We begin just inside the entrance of Holzhalb Hall. After, the children will join you in the church at the 10:00am service during the announcements. This offers them an opportunity to better understand the liturgical movement of the service and to experience being a part of their church community. Questions? Please contact Amy Donald or Mary Anne Reidy in the church office .

Godly Play class leaders are trained and certified in this process by The Godly Play® Foundation.