Wednesdays at noon

There is a weekly healing service in the historic Chapel at noon on Wednesdays within a Rite II celebration of the Eucharist immediately following the Bible Study group which meets at 11:00 am.

May the God of love visit you in your times of trial and weakness, and raise you to newness of life, through Jesus Christ, in the power of the Holy Spirit.  Amen  (Enriching Our Worship 2, p. 37)

With these words, we invite the healing nature of the Holy Spirit into our midst. When someone is ill or in recovery they may receive the laying on of hands and the anointing with oil by a priest, also called Holy Unction. The laying on of hands, the oil and the sacramental language used from the Prayer Book represent the outward and visible sign which signifies the inward and spiritual grace being prayed to bring restoration to wholeness. The sacramental language talks about grace not physical healing. Restoration to wholeness means a release, a forgiveness, a renewed strength, as one in the body of Christ. Renewed in your baptismal identity in the death and resurrection of Christ, with the assurance of eternal life in Christ, this is what we mean as Christians when we talk about healing. We talk about restoration to wholeness of life.

God’s healing activity is not limited to this of course, but it is one ancient and traditional way of using the material to address the spiritual, putting flesh on the spirit. As sacramental Christians, this is what we do and how we believe our frailties can be redeemed by God’s holiness.

If any would like the sacrament of Holy Unction but are unable to come to the Wednesday Noon service,
please contact the clergy at 985-892-3177.