Christian Formation

Formation is a tricky concept and one I’m not sure we have yet come to understand or fully embrace in the Church. So as we began to consider what shape Faith Formation should take on Sunday mornings this year, we had to pull back and remind ourselves what formation really means. The quickest definition I could capture is this: formation is “the action of forming or the process of being formed.” And isn’t that what a big part of the work of the Church is? To form us as followers of Jesus? Sunday morning is a unique opportunity because it is the only time during the week where we come together as a community to be formed by worship, fellowship, and education. “Sunday School” is what we used to call what traditionally happens when worship is over and coffee and donuts have been inhaled in the courtyard, but is that description accurate? What if formation on Sunday mornings looked less like a traditional class room typeeducation? What if we weren’t separated by age, stage, and gender? What if old and young could learn together? We began to explore what this type of formation might look like, and I am so excited to share with you where we landed!

Christ Episcopal Church, welcome to The Vine: An Intergenerational Approach To Discipleship! We hope to reconvene our Sunday morning Faith Formation in February in conjunction with the new service schedule. Formation classes will meet from 8:45-9:45 am, between the 8 am service and the 10 am service. Every Sunday during that time, there will be FOUR workshops to choose from held in rooms in and around the Parish Hall. Each workshop or group will have a specific focus but will be held together by a central theme. The themes will change every 4 weeks.

When they are available, the specific current offerings can be found under Sunday Formation Classes.
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