Vestry Highlights – May 17, 2022
Meeting of the Christ Church Vestry

Rector Search Committee co-chairs, Tonya Crombie and Randy Moffett, formally recommended to the vestry that Rev Seth Donald of Lake Charles be called to be our new rector, siting the unanimous support of the committee.  The vestry voted unanimously to extend the call.

School liaison, Kirk Michell, reported the call for nominations of new school board members.

 Jr warden and Missions and Ministry head, Laura Williams, reported that Summer Breakfasts are resuming, with the vestry to host the first, on June 5.  Other church groups are encouraged to sign up to host a Sunday between then and the end of August.  Also coming up fast is Jazz in June – Friday and Saturday nights of June 10 and 11, and Sunday service, June 12.  Ticket sales and sponsorships are needed.

Vestry Highlights – April 19, 2022
Meeting of the Christ Church Vestry

Brotherhood of St. Andrew, a newly formed men’s group will be supporting Family Promise. Family Promise provides homeless children and their families with safe & comfortable shelter, meals, and compassionate support.

Easter Sunday church attendance, all services, was 462.

The main church building is being re-roofed. Higher Ground funds will be used to pay for the project. Preservation architects will be inspecting the brick walls of the church in the coming weeks.

Mission Commission Project—Open Table—will hold an event at the church on June 13, 2022  at 6:30 pm.

CEEP (Community Educational Enrichment Program) is happening in June. The theme is “Learning to be Together Again.”

Rector Search Committee continues the search.

Vestry Highlights – March 15, 2022
Meeting of the Christ Church Vestry

Winston reported that Sunday church service attendance is up after lower attendance in 2021.

Morgan reported that the March 10, 2022 concert to support Family Promise was successful and Lent programs are going well.

A Parish Profile and Ministry Profile to introduce our parish to rector candidates has been prepared.

 A new roof will be installed on the main church building. Work scheduled to begin in April.

The Endowment Fund rules and bylaws were updated.

Nominees are being sought for the vestry.

Vestry Highlights – February 15, 2022
Meeting of the Christ Church Vestry

Morgan reported on Mission Commission activities and the planned Lenten programs.

Chapel kneelers, front row only, are to be restored. The church roof is leaking and bids will be sought to replace it.

The annual parochial report is due and was approved with some minor edits.

The date of the annual meeting was set and correct notifications if the meeting was planned. The Nominating Committee was formed and nominations are being sought.

Brotherhood of St. Andrew has been established at Christ Church.

Vestry Highlights – January 18, 2022
Meeting of the Christ Church Vestry

The Vestry approved the 2022 CEC budget.

Due to inclement weather and rise in COVID infections, Jazz in January scheduled for Jan. 21-23 was moved to June 10-12, 2022 as “Jazz in June.”

The Vestry approved the Search Committee’s online survey to be completed by parishioners in furtherance of identifying who CEC is and what our church community is looking for in a rector.

Maintenance of church property is an ongoing process, including repairs to church roof and restoration of chapel kneelers.     

Formation programs will start in February. Lent programming is well under way.

Deacon Philip Wild will be joining the clergy team. New Sunday service times starting in February: 8 a.m., 10 a.m., and 6 p.m.  

Vestry Highlights – December 21, 2021
Meeting of the Christ Church Vestry

John Morvant (CES Principal), Gayle Croxton and Ray Rabidoux addressed the vestry regarding the need for a chapel building for use by Christ Episcopal School and Christwood. Currently there is no such designated indoor space.

The church ended the year on a strong financial note, with all pledges having been paid.

Endowment Board and Finance Committee members were approved:Endowment Board: Deborah Gordon-Chair, Ray Rabidoux-Vice-Chair, Bill Crombie-Financial Secretary, Bruce Margetson-Recording Secretary, Anne Butts, Jeanne Crotty, Richard Cryer

Finance Committee: John Newman-Chair, Bobby Coxe-Treasurer, Deborah Gordon-Vestry Representative, Bruce Margetson, John Sandidge, Richard Cryer, Potter Adams

The new worship schedule will start in February with services at 8 a.m., 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.

Vestry Highlights – November 16, 2021
Meeting of the Christ Church Vestry

John Morvant presented information regarding CES and Independent Schools Association of the Southwest (ISAS).

Cove Geary presented information on Boy Scouts of America and renewal of the charter of the CEC Boy Scout troop.

Parish technology and computer systems are being upgraded to address security and networking.

Pledges are on track to meet budget requirements for 2022.

Vestry Highlights – October 19, 2021
Meeting of the Christ Church Vestry

Discussion was had regarding upgrading parish technology/computer system upgrades.

Potential Rector search committee candidates are being prepared.

Morgan MacIntire reported that 175th events including Gala, 5K and church reception are upcoming. A video is being prepared by Andrew Boyd.

Penny Bankston reported that floor plans for each church facility building have been created.

Deborah Gordon reported that we are considering the building of a third Memorial Wall as plaque placements are selling out quickly.

Vestry Highlights – September 21, 2021
Meeting of the Christ Church Vestry

The Property Committee reported that one tree fell on a neighboring fence during Hurricane Ida.

Duties of Vestry Person on Duty (VPOD) for each Sunday service were discussed and modified to include a ledger book in sacristy to log the amount of cash collected at each service.

The church’s Financial Policies and Procedures statement was revised/edited. The document was circulated and discussed.

Bobby Coxe reported that LaPorte is performing a standard audit of the church’s financial records. Year-end financials are sound.

Six delegates and some alternates are required to attend the Diocesan Convention which will be held online November 6, 2021. Michael Curry will be the keynote speaker. The delegates will be voting for a new bishop of the Louisiana Diocese. All parishioners are welcome to attend the convention, but only the delegates or alternates will be voting in the bishop election.

Vestry Highlights – August 27, 2021
Meeting of the Christ Church Vestry

Bishop Morris Thompson and Canon Shannon Duckworth attended the meeting and provided updates on the Interim Rector search and answered vestry questions regarding process and options.

The Vestry reviewed the Shopf Scholarship policies, approved the 2021 recipients, and discussed a plan for next year, including the return of a scholarship committee to boost communication with members.

The Emergency Preparedness Committee is purchasing two AED machines and is providing trainings for the new Guardian Angel volunteers.

Christ Episcopal School’s 2021-2022 board member roster was approved, which included the following members: Brian Grubb, Vanessa Mayfield, Michael Nicaud, Jeannine Sullivan, Ben Cooley, Cody Perilloux, Susan Hanlon, Brian Laborde.

Vestry Highlights – June 15, 2021
Meeting of the Christ Church Vestry

The vestry held a breakout session, splitting into three small committee discussions: Mission and Ministry, Property and Grounds, and Administration.

Mother Morgan led a Mission Discussion with the vestry. The topic was determining characteristic traits desired of the Interim Rector to support the vestry’s interview efforts.

Mother Morgan was recognized for her ongoing efforts and hard work throughout this transition.

Christ Church will host a concert fundraiser for Family Promise on September 2nd.

Stewardship Sunday will be held on November 14th in conjunction with the 175th celebration.

CEEP Sunday will be on June 27th following the 11:30 AM services. Details to come via e-news.

Vestry Highlights – May 18, 2021
Meeting of the Christ Church Vestry

The officers of the Vestry for 2021-2022 are Liz Bell- Senior Warden, Penny Bankston- Junior Warden, Fran Phares- Secretary, Bobby Coxe- Treasurer, Mark Mercante- Chancellor.

Updates on COVID restriction have been provided by the Bishop and will be rolled out beginning May 30th. Emails and letters will be sent to the congregation with those updates.

Christ Episcopal Enrichment Program (CEEP) will be held June 14th– July 2nd, offering an educational and fun environment for up to 40 campers this summer. Registration is still open currently.

Plans are underway for the 175th Anniversary Celebration, which will tentatively be held in November.

Faith Formation and Mission Commission committees are meeting to assess and grow programming.

Jazz in January is scheduled for January 21-23, 2022.

The search for an interim rector continues.

The next Vestry meeting will be on June 15th at 6:30 p.m.