In parishes of the Episcopal Church, the Vestry are “agents and legal representatives of the Parish,” administering the temporal affairs of the Parish, electing and calling the Rector, and maintaining the church and all other buildings and grounds belonging to the Parish.

At Christ Church, twelve members of the Vestry are elected by the Parish from among confirmed communicants in good standing. Members of the Vestry serve a term of three years, with four new members elected each year, assuring continuity and diversity. The Rector of the Parish is a member of the Vestry and presides at its meetings. Officers of the Vestry elected by it include the Senior and Junior Wardens and the Secretary. A Treasurer and Chancellor act as advisers to the Vestry in matters, respectively, financial and legal.

Members of the Vestry at Christ Church take an active leadership role in the lay ministry of the Parish. They are servants of the mission of the Church, helping the Rector to oversee the Mission Statement of the Parish and the goals which it articulates. They seek in their ministry of leadership and oversight to further those goals set for the Parish and to involve all the members of the Parish in the lay ministry of the Church.

To this end, Vestry members serve in various capacities in the active lay ministry of the Church, varying from member to member and from time to time. This is done within three small groups of the Vestry which provide support for this work: “Proclaim/Welcome,” “Formation,” and “Sending.” These three small groups follow the four-fold pattern of the Christian Life that is part of the Parish Mission Statement: “The mission of Christ Church is to be a part of the present day embodiment of Christ in the world. As a Christian community, we are called to embody Christ’s life by: proclaiming the Gospel of his death and resurrection, welcoming others into relationship with the Risen Lord, forming ourselves and others in the new life of discipleship, and by Being sent in the power of the Holy Spirit in mission to the world. This we will do through God’s grace.” At any particular time the Vestry small groups (supported by staff and other parishioners) work on particular projects that further Parish Goals. A crucial part of the Vestry’s ministry is the involvement of other parishioners more broadly in lay ministry.

Vestry meetings are held usually on the third Tuesday of the month, and are open to all parishioners. Current vestry members are listed below.


Laura Ahrons

Philip James

Colin McComiskey

Randy Moffett


Jennifer Adams

Bill Crombie

Rosemary Replogle

Amanda Rushing


Jack Duke

Jay Geiger

Susan Meyer

Jason Reina