The Christ Episcopal Enrichment Program (CEEP) is an outreach ministry to children in our community who are moving into grades 3-6. The program began at Christ Episcopal Church in 1992 and is held at the church each summer. It is a four-week experience which includes breakfast and lunch, integrated academic classes taught by certified teachers, enrichment lessons and activities presented by volunteers from the church and community, lessons in character development, goal-setting, and conflict resolution as well as weekly field trips and swimming.

We seek students who…
1. have demonstrated academic aptitude for B’s or higher.
2. may be at risk due to socio-economic factors.
3. do NOT have chronic behavior problems.
4. do NOT have high rate of absenteeism.
5. are responsive to positive, individualized attention.
*These children may have low self-esteem, may be quiet and withdrawn and/or may not be performing at their ability level.


We minister compassionately to the children of our community by offering them a summer educational experience that will serve them well when they return to school in August. Volunteers (age 16+) are always needed in the following areas:
– Tutor
– Teacher’s aide
– Cafeteria monitor
– Kitchen crew
– Playground monitor
– Office assistant
– Lifeguard
– Presenter
– Field trip chaperone (21+)



If you discern a calling to give your time and talents to CEEP or would like more information, please contact:

Program Director: Peggy Castle
Assistant Director/Church Liaison: Cyndi Hargrove