Sunday Announcements

We as Christians are stewards of all that God has given us here on earth. Everything we have – time, health, relationships, property, the Gospel, the environment – is given to us by God. He has also given us abilities and talents that are unique. Out of love and gratitude for these gifts, we use our abilities and talents to serve God and His people.

At Christ Church, we have begun to practice year round stewardship with a number of events during the year that remind us of the gifts we have been given and which call upon us to be good stewards of them. The different arms of Stewardship are spaced throughout the year. In the fall, we ask for financial commitments in order to begin work on our budget for the upcoming year. Time and Talent Stewardship collects volunteer information and shares it with group leaders as well as publishing a Time and Talent directory. The Stewardship Committee helps to coordinate and plan these events that support the on-going ministry and build community at Christ Church. If you wish to participate in this ministry, please contact the church office at 985-892-3177, 8am-4pm Mon-Fri.

We also have a capital campaign called Higher Ground for 2017-2019 to raise the funds necessary for the immediate renovation and long-term enhancement of our historic campus, build a foundation for growth by supporting ministry and mission, and to increase our witness by reaching out locally and globally. Click on the links below for information about our Higher Ground 175th Anniversary Capital Campaign.

You can make donations or pay your pledge online. (Click here.) Alternatively, you may request a commitment card and offering envelopes at any time from the church office. A Time and Talent Stewardship Directory will be available here soon.       

Click here for David Dendy (consultant) video

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Click here for Higher Ground brochure

Click here for Higher Ground cost sheet


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