Sunday Announcements

Who to Contact

To Receive Newsletter:
Church Office - 985-892-3177

Pastoral Care:
24 hour hotline 985-273-1363

Letter of Transfer:
Susan - sgriffis@christchurchcovington.com

To Become a Christ Church Member:
Susan - sgriffis@christchurchcovington.com

Baptism or Marriage:
Susan - sgriffis@christchurchcovington.com

Children's Formation Coordinator:
Lynette Huron - lhuron@christchurchcovington.com

Youth Ministries:
Blake - youth@christchurchcovington.com

Music Programs:
Carolyn - 985-892-5297 or quilisma@bellsouth.net

Laura - newcomers@christchurchcovington.com

Kathy - 985-893-0282 or kturner@christchurchcovington.com

Christ Episcopal School:
Pam - 985-892-9156 or pam@christepiscopalschool.org

Christwood Retirement Community:
Karena or Fran - 985-898-0515


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