Sunday Announcements

Lay Pastoral Assistants (LPAs) 

We now have eleven trained and talented lay pastors
who will
help Father Bill, Mother Anne and Mother Morgan oversee pastoral care needs at Christ Church. Our Lay Pastoral Assistants have been trained as Eucharistic Visitors, so they may also carry Communion to those who are unable to join us in corporate worship during the week. Lay Pastoral Assistants also write cards of encouragement, make phone calls to check in and follow up on parishioners and liaise with the Caring Committee to organize meals and transportation when needed. LPAs are required to attend monthly gatherings where continuing education will be provided by the clergy as well as other pastoral care professionals. Most of all, the Lay Pastoral Assistants will help be the hands and feet of Christ in our midst and they will act as an extension of the clergy’s pastoral ministry. LPAs take turns being “on call” for one week each month, handling pastoral care needs as directed and are supervised by Mother Morgan.


Team One                
Team Two               
Team Three               
Team Four                  

Alison Pelegrin

Barbara Moffett

Debora Tremont

Suzanne Duggan

Richard Cryar

Robin Barbier

 Anne Blackmon

Denise Baham

Leslie Brown

 Rosemary Replogle

Laura Robert

Morgan MacIntire (sub)

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