Sunday Announcements

Sunday Christian Formation Classes
Classes are from 10:15 to 11:15

All Christian Formation Sunday Classes begin on Sunday, Sept. 9

What’s the Good News?  is an open discussion exploring the lectionary scripture readings and their significance to our lives facilitated by The Reverend Anne Maxwell and meeting in Holzhalb Hall (parish hall) All are welcome.

Pastoral Prayer Vigil is a relaxed small group that holds each other, church members and the larger community in support and prayer. Meeting in the chapel, we provide time and space for anyone to come and make prayer requests or share concerns in a quiet, small group setting. Feel free to join us anytime you have prayer requests, the need for friendship and support, or want to be available to support others. We also welcome written prayer requests if you are not able to attend in person-- email elizabethbell.lcsw@gmail.com, or drop a request in the prayer box on the chapel fence.

Womenspeak meets in the parlor of the parish hall. We often read a book on which we base discussion. It is not necessary to have read the assigned chapters. Many of us pick up the topic and relate it to our own lives and struggles, as well as a path to get closer to God. We encourage anyone who wants to join us. Discussion facilitated by Tonya Crombie.

Empowered to Serve – a meeting for men of all ages to focus on the power of God's word and the power of community support to enable us to be effective in all areas of our pilgrimage. You are invited to join us for a great time of socializing, learning, praying, and encouraging. Coordinated by Tom Abernathy.

Godly Play for 3 year olds through 5th grade. The Rev Jerome Berryman has described one of the underlying tenets of Godly Play as follows:  “If you assume that the child already knows the presence of God, you don’t need to convince them of that; what they really need is a language to be able to understand their experience”. We hope you will give your children an opportunity to join the Godly Play circle where God is invited to come and play. Barbara Sears and Martha Smart coordinate this ministry. Forms may be downloaded from the Christ Church Website.

Youth Formation for grades 6-12th gathers to discuss things like why we go to church, who Jesus is, what it is we believe, among many other topics. Blake Burns is our youth director.


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