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Living Compass 2018

What you nurture grows!  Just one of the phrases we heard often at the Living Compass training in June. Morgan and I spent a few days exploring Chicago (Morgan is a wonder at sleuthing out restaurants) and participating in a training with Holly and Scott Stoner at the Diocesan office located in the Nicholas Center at St. James Cathedral not far from Lake Michigan. We took advantage of the growing wellness for our bodies as we swiftly walked by Lake Michigan in the mornings and strolled to dining spots miles from the center in the evenings.

Living Compass is a enriching program for focusing on wellness in your life. It is not a 10 steps to self-help group. It is a strategy for setting goals, choosing your focus, creating more wellness in your life. Divided into four areas, Soul, Mind, Strength, Heart, participants are invited to answer questions that assess your level of wellness in each area.  This is not a score card as much as it is placing this present moment on a continuum. Life is fluid; attitudes change; our resources evolve, which is precisely why this works. Once you have assessed in which areas you find strength and in which areas you find weakness, you create goals for yourself to focus, to nurture, certain areas into more wellness. With group support, you grow in wellness and you develop a strategy to carry beyond the six week initial retreat.

The clergy of Christ Episcopal Church, Covington believe strongly in this material and have gone to Chicago for this training in order to offer various groups this fall. Bill Miller will offer a Men’s group (limit 20) on Wednesday evenings in St. Cecelia House 6:00pm to 7:30pm beginning on September 12th. Anne Maxwell will offer a Women’s group (limit 16) on Wednesday evenings in the parlor of Holzhalb Hall, 6:00pm to 7:30pm beginning September 19th.  Both groups will run for six weeks. Anne Maxwell will offer a second six week group beginning November 7th (limit 16) that will be co-ed and meet during Wednesday Link. These groups are covenant groups meaning you must sign up before the classes begin and commit to attending all six. Call the church office 985-892-3177 to reserve your spot. Morgan MacIntire will lead a group for parents of all ages on Sunday mornings 10:15am to 11:15am that will run all year. This is not a covenant group and you may come to all or come as your schedule allows.

Simply profound, this material invites you into a deeper exploration of what your soul longs for to bring you to wholeness to live faithfully in this one wild and precious life you have been given.

                                                                                    The Reverend Anne M. Maxwell


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