Godly Play
Click on image to go to Blue Pew site. If you right-click the image, you may choose to open Blue Pew in a new tab or window which enables you to keep the church web site open as well.

BluePew.com is a website that allows churchgoers to give financial support to their churches. We allow our members to direct a portion of the money they spend at online stores to the church of their choice.

This comes at no additional cost above the price charged by the store. You will still pay the same price for a product, tax and all. The store then pays back a percentage of the sale to BluePew.com. We will then direct the money to the church you specified when you became a member.*

In order for BluePew.com to work, you need only become a member and specify the church that you would like to support. Every time you go online to shop, go to BluePew.com first, log on, select a store from our extensive list, and then continue with your normal online shopping. BluePew.com will track the amount spent and the store will send BluePew.com a check for a percent of the purchase amount. BluePew.com will pass along these earnings to the church of your choice.* It will only take a matter of seconds to log on and choose a store. Click on "Merchants" for a list of all the stores currently participating in Blue Pew.

It is important for you to log on to BluePew.com each time before you shop online. If you are done shopping at one store and wish to shop at another, go back to BluePew.com first and choose the next store from the list.

Our hope is that enough people will use BluePew.com to make a difference for our churches. Let everyone know, churchgoer and non-churchgoer alike, that if they buy products online, whether it be new shoes, a flight to Florida, or office supplies, by taking a few seconds to log on to BluePew.com first and clicking on a store listed on our site, they will be contributing to a valuable cause.


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