church, chapel & rose window
Blue Christmas Service
A service for anyone who is or has been brokenhearted during this time of the year. A reminder that the light of Christ shines even in the darkest parts of our lives. Please join us on Wed, Dec 13 at 6:15pm in the chapel and bring a photo or special momento of the loved one(s) you miss.
Christmas Eve - click link for details
2:00 pm Festival Service, church (childcare)
4:00 pm Festival Service, church (childcare)
6:00 pm Jazz Service, church (childcare)
8:00 pm A Quiet Christmas Eve, chapel
9:00 pm Festival High Mass, choir & brass
Jazz in January tickets now available
You can buy your tickets on our website by clicking the link below or you can purchase them in the church office. A list of musicians is also on the linked page so check how who you have to look forward to hearing. If you would like to be a sponsor, there is a link on the ticket page.
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