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Help Just Love Your Neighbor

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From Just Love Your Neighbor

During our weekly meal deliveries, we have noticed that the front porch of a family of 12 who live in a trailer needs repair. On Saturday, January 28th, we plan to repair the porch and then share a meal with the family with tunes by Crispin and a communal meal. In addition to repairing the porch, there will be an opportunity to pick up trash around the property and help with the meal. The mother of the children works at Forest Manor Nursing Home as a housekeeper. They have been on our meal delivery route for 3 years and are recipients of food we deliver fHelrom the food bank. Members of Christ Episcopal may recognize the names of the children as the church adopted the family for Christmas in 2021. The aunt of the children who is helping to raise them also gave us the childrens’ ages and sizes.

Opportunities to help this family:

Come on to 21201 Gardenia (Abita Nursery Subdivision) Covington on January 28 from 9am-1pm.
Bring: Work gloves and a covered dish to share.
Tools will be provided to help repair the porch and clean up the yard.
Our shared covered dish food will provide a lunch for us as well as for their neighbors and friends.

As you are doing your New Year’s cleaning, set aside gently used household furnishings, linens, clothes and shoes, books and toys that may be of use to the family. Only GENTLY used items please. Bring with you on January 28th to donate.

Gift and food cards for the family to help with needs not met by food bank.

If you wish to give clothes to the children, these are the sizes and ages.

Davahn, boy, 17yrs old, 36/32 pants large shirt want, 11 1/2 or 12 shoes.

Ashton, boy, 16yrs old, 38/32 pants 2x shirt want, 11 1/2 or 12 shoes

Aqiria, girl,  15 yrs old, 14/16 pants 14 shirt, size 7 shoe.

Kiya, girl, 14 yrs old, _____ pants and shirt, 10/12 shoes.

Terri Watts, girl, 11 yrs old, size 7/8 pants and shirt, shoe size 3

Abrielle, girl, 7 yrs old, 7/8 pants and shirt, shoe size 1

Aalaila, girl, 6 yrs old, 6/6X shirt and 6/6x pants with adjustable waist, shoe size 11

Marrla girl, 6 yrs old, 4/5 pants and shirt, shoe size 10 1/2

Janna, girl, 18 months old, size 14/16 months


January 28