Hard Hat Report

The 2019 Higher Ground Campus building projects are right on schedule and progressing well.

A work permit application for the Chapel foundation project was submitted and just approved by the Covington Historic Committee to repair and replace the damaged brick and brick piers on the right garden side of the Chapel. Abry Brothers will now begin this work that is estimated to take two weeks.  For the church, the exterior doors, window lintels and porch uprights were refinished along with the black iron rails.  West side church steps were painted as a precaution to the identified uneven stair heights. The Church building brick exterior was cleaned with final waterproofing, that was delayed by weather, was completed by Dennis Welch.

For Holzhalb Hall upgrades, the remaining exterior painting was completed by Kort Painting. Electrical wiring was repaired. The gutters were cleaned, and screens installed. Parapets were dismantled by Gerald Spell with final masonry work to be completed this month.

Evidence of squirrels, mice and rats were found in the attic of the church, the newly refurbished organ, and in the attic of Holzhalb Hall.  Fred Penton was contracted and repaired all entry/egress points in both buildings. He trapped over 12 squirrels outside and relocated them 15 miles away. He will continue to monitor indoor traps for the next 6 weeks weekly and drop back to monthly maintenance.

Multiple improvements were made to complete the Youth Center project. One window and the carpet upstairs were replaced, a new oven installed, a few walls repainted; minor trim, electrical plates, door handles were replaced; and some furniture for seating and storage was purchased.  Also in Jahncke Hall, but in the school section, final painting of replaced siding was completed by Kort Painting. Electrical issues identified at Jahncke Hall and in the church have been repaired by Dixieland Electrical, as per inspection findings.

Flashing repair work on the Administration building around the chimney is complete.  All the exposed pipes under our buildings have been insulated for hard freezes by Milford Baham and Kort Hutchison.

Additional independent inspections are being performed on all remaining buildings to assure identification of any critical deficiencies, i.e. electric, plumbing and safety/health items. A survey was completed for the chapel, church and Holzhalb Hall for later use in landscape design and building permits.

If there are thoughts, questions or thanks to be given for our HG campaign projects, please call Jennifer Adams at (832) 628-5425.

Your HIGHER GROUND Follow-Up Committee,

Vicki, Becky, Tom and John


A message from Pastor David Dendy, our campaign consultant:

“Congratulations to Christ Episcopal Church in Covington, Louisiana for surpassing their goal of 1.75 million dollars for their Higher Ground 175th Anniversary Campaign!! The honor and privilege was all mine in working with you to achieve this historic goal! Father William Miller was outstanding to come alongside of over the past eight months. He is a gifted leader, preacher, writer and rector! Christ Episcopal Church is blessed to have him!
Way to go Father William Miller and the great Leadership Team, Staff and people of CEC! I am so proud and happy for you as you reached and surpassed new heights in continuing the incredible ministry you have in the Covington area! Way to go!!”